How do I use it?

To use it, you must go to the desired page with a presaged timer or adjust the amount of time yourself. Then press the start. The countdown timer is starting.

You can easily pause the countdown. When the time limit is reached, an audible alarm is heard. You can set another sound in your application settings. Multiple timers can be changed and given names.

Timer on 72 hours. Set the timer online.

You can set the timer to 72 hours. Simple interface and nice design for comfortable use. A free-to-use countdown timer. Set the timer to 72 hours or another value in the timer settings. This timer is already installed, but you can select other values of hours, minutes and seconds for the online timer and start it. It is possible to set several simultaneous timers with different times from which to count days, hours, minutes and seconds. Start the timer at 72 hours.