Online countdown timer: simple and convenient service

Let's understand what a timer is and how it can make your life easier. As defined by Wikipedia, a timer is a device that counts down a set interval of time from the start time. Whether you are exercising, cooking, working on your computer or organizing an event, a countdown timer comes to the rescue.


  1. Multiple Timers: You can set multiple timers at the same time and monitor each one separately. This is ideal for managing multiple tasks at the same time.
  2. Stylish design: The timer has a minimalistic design with support for light and dark themes. Working in full screen mode, you can visually track all your timers.
  3. Universal use: the timer is not tied to a specific device. You can use it on any modern browser without the need to download and install it.

When a countdown timer comes in handy:

  • When working at the computer: Tasks can distract you, so set a timer to remind you of important activities.
  • Physical Exercise: A great way to monitor the timing of exercise or workouts.
  • Event Organization: Accentuate the style of your event with a beautiful timer on the big screen.

How to use the timer:

  1. Setting the timer: Simply press the gear button, set the time, name and sound of the alert, and press "Start".
  2. Adding timers: Several timers with individual settings. You can easily sort them by priority.
  3. Stop and signals: When the timer reaches zero time, you will hear a signal. To stop the alarm, press "Stop".

Convenience and ease of use is our goal. Our online countdown timer is available to you with no limits. Set tasks, control time and stay organized with our free timer. Don't miss a single minute!

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